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Business Organization and Planning Services: Which type of entity is best for you? Should you incorporate, form an LLC, or seek another type of structure? The Peck Law Firm counsesl business clients on the factors to be considered in choosing the form for their businesses, and assist in implementing those choices. We regularly incorprate businesses, form limited liability companies (LLC's) and partnerships, and other legal entities in Raleigh, the Research Triangle area, North Carolina and elsewhere throughout the United States. Based upon factors such as the type of business, existing and contingent liabilities, number of investors, tax treatment, and the source and type of capital contributions, we will consult with you in order to provide experienced guidance for selecting and creating the entity type which best fits your needs. The basic entities available are S-Corporation, C-Corporation, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Company and Proprietorship. Click on the link above for additional information regarding our firm's commitment to Business Entity Planning. We are ready to incorporate our experience into your new company.

Intellectual Property: Remarkably, One of the most valuable, but overlooked, assets of a company is its intangible property, including its Intellectual Property (IP) (i.e Trademarks, Tradenames, Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Good Will, and Patents). In 2007, two noted economists published a white paper which concludes that up to two-thirds of the value of successful businesses in the U.S. can be traced to intangible assets, and particularly, companies which rely on IP protections are estimated to produce 72 percent more value per added employee. For small to medium size companyÕs, their typical IP inventory includes the name of the business, its goodwill, advertising materials, web domain and web site, telephone numbers, and email addresses, to name just a few. Establishing legal protection for your IP is an essential element for the success of nearly every business. In the Raleigh and Research Triangle markets, as well as other markets throughout the United States, we have developed the expertise and experience to ensure that our clientÕs and intangible assets, such as your businessÕ image and goodwill are protected. The goodwill of your business is the expectation of continued patronage with your current customer base. This intangible asset is an immeasurable value and is collected in the trademarks and public image of a business. Click on the link above for additional information regarding ways that your LLC or corporation can incorporate our business law exerience to protect your valuable IP and intangible assests.

Real Estate: Serving our Raleigh and Research Triangle area clients' needs in the area of real property is an integral part of our legal practice. The Peck Law Firm excels at meeting clientsÕ needs based on our understanding of our clientÕs objectives, incorporating our experience in all types of transactions prevalent in the real estate industry today, and applying our knowledge of the applicable laws and customs applicable to such transactions. At the Peck Law Firm, we assist our clients in each step of a transaction necessary to acquire or transfer the ownership of a house or commercial property. If you are working with a real estate agent, we are available to review your purchase and sale agreement before you sign it. If you are not working with an agent, a lawyer will draft the contract for you and negotiate on your behalf. We offer guidance throughout due diligence, financing, and inspection stages of the contract. With the assistance of full time, experienced real estate paralegals and the latest industry technology, our firm works as a team to answer your questions, be accessible, and guide you through every stage of the transaction. If you would like more information regarding our residential real estate practice, click on the link above. If you would like more information on our commercial real estate practice, click on the following link. – Commercial Property

Mergers and Acquisitions: The purchase or sale of a business is likely one of the most important and liberating business transactions our clients will experience. At the Peck Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to ensuring your investment is protected, that risks are clearly delineated, and that your goals are realized at the closing table. Our clients particularly appreciate the expertise and knowledge we bring to their commercial transaction work. We structure, negotiate and execute deals that balance clientsÕ immediate objectives with long-term strategic goals. Our clients, who range from mature businesses to early stage start-ups, LLC's and corporations, rely upon our counsel to guide them through every aspect of complex M&A transactions. We understand the business needs of our clients and we are ready to assist with appropriate legal advice and support, whatever the nature of the issue or transaction. For more information concerning our M&A practice click on the Mergers and Acquisitions link above. If you would like an introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions, click on the following link.- Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions